Can you imagine fleeing your country to save your child’s life, and then having your child taken away from you by the government you hoped would protect you?

That is exactly what the U.S. government did to hundreds of families at the U.S. border. Families and their advocates pushed back, and the courts have ordered that parents and children be reunified. The government is scrambling to develop a plan to meet its obligations.

U.S. organizations cannot efficiently address these harms by themselves. Justice in Motion has received calls from across the U.S. asking us to mobilize our Defender Network in Central America and Mexico to help find the parents deported without their children.


We have a plan, but we need your help!!

  1. REUNITING FAMILIES: The government was ordered to stop separating families, but dozens of parents have already been deported without their children. Our Defenders are already on the ground in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, interviewing deported migrants to identify parents who were separated from their children. We can then connect those parents to advocates across the region to help them find and reunite with their children. 
  2. JUSTICE FOR PARENTS: When the Trump administration decided to split migrant families apart, they violated those families’ civil rights. Migrant families deserve justice for the harms they suffered under the Trump administration’s misguided family separation policy. By mobilizing our Defender Network of human rights advocates in Central America and Mexico, we can make sure that parents who were already deported can still contribute to impact litigation on behalf of separated families. 
  3. FIGHTING FAMILY DETENTION: Some parents are being detained without their children and denied the chance to pay a bond, because immigration officials claim that they are dangerous criminals. But often, these charges are completely false. We work with our Defenders in Central America and Mexico to obtain criminal histories for detained parents, proving that they are not dangerous and should be released to take care of their families. 


Thanks to our collaborative, cross-border model, Justice in Motion is ready to expand our capacity to defend the rights of migrant families. But we cannot do it without you!

Help us find the deported parents now.

Please donate today so that we can meet the overwhelming need for our services during this humanitarian crisis. Your donation will also help support our other programs to help more migrants access justice across borders.


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